Commercial Property Insurance

Travers Hartnett Insurance works with commercial property owners, managers, and businesses owners to protect and insure against property loss and damage.  For Florida businesses, this means wind coverage too. Without the proper coverage, fire, theft, or storms can put your property and the future of your businesses at risk.  

Location, Location, Location and Analysis

Commercial properties that we cover include commercial office buildings, commercial retail shopping centers, theaters, churches, etc. 

Designing coverage for commercial properties is best approached by several angles. Beginning with a thorough review of your current policy, we can talk through your coverage, budget and goals.  

Types of Coverage 

All-Risk Policies – This is a broad policy that covers a range of common threats and events like fire or theft.  

Peril-Specific Policies – Since we are in Florida, wind and flood coverage would fall under this category.  Our role is to research, compare and present the underwriters, insurance products, discounts, exclusions and risks so that you make an informed decision.  

The right coverage will allow you to recover after a loss and get back to business, and in a state that is subject to hurricanes and severe storms, it’s not just peace of mind, it’s essential business practice.

Risk Management Study

Look for where your business can reduce risks, such as improved fire safety, to bring down insurance costs.  Develop a disaster plan and adopt industry specific loss control practices.  

Professional service when you need it the most.

Designing the coverage and guiding you through risk management is not the end of our commitment to you and your business.  If you have a loss, we are there to assist you with your claim.